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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Quarter 2013 Artsplosions Magazine Features

We have come to the first magazine release for 2013 and already planning for the second quarter. Through various collaborations, we are excited to bring our readers and new collaborators a publication that will increase in popularity with the new structure established. Our cover feature, Amanda Slater, is an actress/model who participated in the Dress Houston 2012 event and was a runner up in the modeling competition. Look for her interview in this issue of Artsplosions Magazine. Amanda shares insight on her background, career interests, and her aspiring career in acting.

Then, of course, we have the STYLE TWINZ (Adrianne and Denelle). These young ladies are two individuals who are new to the fashion industry and present themselves as true professionals. Their story is INCREDIBLE!!

Mr. Tim DeWayne, film maker, allowed us to take an inside look at his various film premiers. He has credits ranging with the works of the movie "Precious" and personal works such as "The Olive Branch" and "One More River to Cross". Tim has worked with professionals such as Louis Gossett, Lynn Whitfield, Spike Lee,  and the list continues. Stay tuned to read about his experiences and continued collaborations with Artsplosions Magazine.

Follow us to learn more about our special features in this issue and future issues to come!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dress Houston 2012 Experience

Dress Houston 2012 was a show people will be talking about until the next one. There is none other like Dress Houston who can bring in raw talent to entertain as well as compete for extravagant prizes. As most of you know, our B4K program attracts youth and young adults who have a plethora of talents in several genres of art. Serving as a vendor of the event, we brought along a few of our B4K participants who have interests in the fashion/modeling industry. They were amazed at the behind the scenes look at an event such as this. I knew they would find their own way in what they were interested in, therefore this was also an opportunity to teach them about direct sales (ad sales for the magazine).

One of our B4K young adults was afforded the opportunity to speak with the creator of Dress Houston and made her mark with a request to be a model for next year's show. She was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Vincent Powell offered his contact information to her. I was very proud of her for taking a bold step in asking for what she aspired to do. After reviewing her experiences of the night, I asked her "so, what is the plan now that you have this opportunity"? I knew she would need assistance with focus and details, which is why I asked the question. This is where the rubber meets the road and dreams come true. All I can say is, WATCH OUT FOR MARIAH J.!

Another one of our B4K participants, an original B4K, also had her day of success. Kennedy promoted her upcoming fashion line for 2013 at the Dress Houston 2012 event. Her designer name is Kennedy Wennedy Couture, Inc. She is a 14 year old aspiring designer who came away from this event ON FIRE! Sometimes when visionaries sponsor events and have an overall goal and objective in mind, we sometimes forget how we inspire others to do more. Events are for the people who actually attend them. Nothing more, nothing less! I saw this "somewhat shy" 14 year old walk around the vendors tables passing our her 2013 calendars and talking with adults as if she had practiced for this. Well, I know she didn't practice for this. You see, Kennedy is my first born and on this day I saw someone I had not seen before. A fearless young entrepreneur making waves in her chosen industry. WOW! Exposure is everything!

Our magazine is undergoing a rebirth. This process will present us with added value to further promote our vision and impact communities through art. One common feature that all of the artists we interview have is a burning desire to give back. Here at Artsplosions, we look to highlight philanthropists in an effort to further their causes. Our mission is to ignite, inspire, and engage our readers to get involved in supporting art and the artists who give of themselves in their talents to make our communities brighter, more creative, and uplifting. Without all genres of art, imagine this world. A world without creativitiy. As a former educator, I see art in a lot of subjects. Science (patterns, mixtures, solutions, sound waves, etc). Reading (rhyming, creative writing, etc.) Math (number patterns, fractions, pie charts, graphs, angles, etc.). I could go on and on.

Because of this mission we have, our distribution plan for 2013 is very dynamic. With all of the new age marketing available to us, we still believe in the grass roots way of marketing (word of mouth). We have plans to build on collaborations with retailers, buyers, consultants, galleries, and special distributions utilizing our featured artists. While we are building our website, we look forward to being a resource to artists and art lovers. Question: What about the art ministries? That's just a sneak peak into one of the topics that will be covered in this next issue of ARTSPLOSIONS MAGAZINE.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Calling all Young Entrepreneurs

It has been 11 years since I developed my first curriculum for my business. The first one was a GED curriculum I wrote in 2001 and was implemented in 2007. After steping out and expanding to an office space and connecting with worksource, I really was encouraged that this was going to significantly impact Houston. However, the challenges were greater and more in debth than I anticipated. My soon-to-be adult students had self-esteem challenges, transportation challenges, and a lack of commitment to themselves. There was nothing I could say to encourage them to continue. I did however, have one student who quit and then came back over and over again. I was more inspired to continue the program because of her repeat appearances. My goal was to see my students graduate (pass the GED exam), just as I did in 2001. To this date, I have yet to see any of my students even take the test. Currently, we still have students who access our online curriculum.

The second curriculum I had the opportunity to write was an entrepreneurship curriculum during the time I was enrolled in a MBA program. I combined my network marketing education and experiences to the text book knowledge I was being exposed to. After realizing the needs of the market I was servicing, I tweeked my curriculum to that target market. The program was more successful than I expected, which later warrented me to offer a certificate for the course. God has blessed my hand, my heart, and my mind to be able to make adjustments according to my target market. After all, that's what teaching is all about. You can't teach a certain way all the time and expect a changing society to comprehend what's being taught.

Now, with the success of writing an entrepreneurship curriculum for children (BIZ-4-KIDZ) in 2009, we have more opportunities for growth and sharing this program with churches, organizations, and educational institutions. CALLING ALL YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS!!!!!! I have been asked to share this curriculum with churches here in Houston as well as one start-up church in Arkansas. While I am excited about the popularity of the concept, I am paying close attention to the needed changes in the curriculum according to the needs of the society and the needs of the community. In conjunction with the curriculum being implemented, we have initiated the promotion of BIZ-4-KIDZ Magazine. The anticipated date of the first issue will be March 3, 2012. If you are a young entrepreneur or know of one, we are opening the dialogue for writers to contribute to the magazine. If your ideas and articles are award winning, there may be an opportunity for a column. We are going all out on the opportunity to encourage more youth and young adults to make themselves known and to offer them the resource assistance to grow their businesses.

We are slated to collaborate with the National Urban League Young Professionals to kick of contributions and awareness of the magazine. I will also be airing the first radio show for Young Entrepreneurs on the  Amazing Women of Power (AWOP Talk Radio Network). Stay tuned for the anticipated date of airing. My journey has brought me to this point in my life where I have found my niche in teaching today's youth and young adults. While continuing my own education in completing my Doctorate (Ed D)in Educational Leadership/Education Technology, I will become more apt to increase the quality of my programs and offer them to a wider audience.

Monday, May 23, 2011

NAACP Awards Artsplosions Multicultural Enrichment Camp Scholarships

Get your copy of this issue. NAACP awards scholarships to local students to attend the Multicultural Enrichment Camp dated for June 2011. For subscriptions, email us at

Monday, May 9, 2011


We are excited to feature the artists' view in our second issue of Artsplosions Magazine. This page highlights issues that you believe are important in the art industry. While your input is important, we will monitor all content and make decisions on printing the blog. If your blog is chosen, we will only make grammar corrections. Your view will be shared just as you intended it to be. We have had the pleasure of meeting professional artists that have passion for their work and we look forward to hearing all insights from those professionals. Blog away!